Your Help With Millennial Money

My first book, Millennial Money, will be on shelves October 14th, and I need your help.

The book covers the why and the how of investing for millennials.  It explains all the key ingredients for long-term investing success, and highlights the tremendous opportunity that exists for the youngest generation of investors.

Investing isn’t a topic in high school, but it should be. Learning the right investing lessons early on in life can make a world of difference to someone’s lifelong financial well-being.  My hope is to provide a piece of that education for as many young people as possible. To do so, I would love if you could take a few minutes to fill out this brief form below. 

My goal is to understand what motivates you to buy a book, other than the obvious things like good reviews, a catchy title & cover, press coverage, and so on.  I’ll use your responses to tailor the exclusive items offered in my pre-order campaign (in late August/early September), and to tailor my efforts come launch day. I deeply appreciate any help you can offer!

Are there sources (blogs, podcasts, websites, or anything else) that influence your book buying decisions? If so, I’d love to hear about them. I want to reach as wide an audience as possible and am willing to try just about any tactic, Any and all ideas are welcome.

Pre-Order Offer: what would most interest you? *
I am going to offer several exclusive items for those that pre-order the book. Which of the following items would you be interested in? Please check all that you’d find interesting

Are there other extras that would interest you that are not listed above? If so, please enter any ideas below.

Finally, if you run a website, podcast, or newsletter, and would like an advance review copy of the book, email me at with your website/podcast details and approximate audience size and I’ll work on getting you an early copy of the book.

Many thanks to all, with your help I think this launch will be a huge success!