Biggest Investing Influences

I love this question from a recent interview with Harvest:  Who were some of the people that influenced your investment style along the way? I’d love to hear your answers in the comments section. My answer was:
PO: David Dreman, for his sharp insight into the power of contrarian investment strategies. Joseph Campbell, whose writing on mythology contains countless lessons for would be investing heroes. Daniel Khaneman and his various research partners, whose exploration of psychology gives me the comfort that our approach will continue to work in the future—because human nature doesn’t change. Jiddu Krishnamurti who taught me the value of investigating for oneself and never simply taking someone else’s word for it. Michael Mauboussin for his countless insightful papers. James Montier for the same reason. Philip Tetlock for curing me of any desire to forecast the future. Nassim Nicholos Taleb, Arthur Koestler, and Edward de Bono for building frameworks to help me think differently—although Taleb would probably not like my portfolio with its lack of disaster insurance.  The sage authors of the Upanishads, for helping me stay calm. So many others!  James O’Shaughnessy for too many reasons to list.