Favorite Podcast Episodes

This is a post that I will try to keep updated as I come across excellent new episodes of some of my favorite podcasts. This has quickly turned into my favorite medium, both as a producer and as a listener.

  1. Yvon Chouinard on How I Built This. Maybe my favorite single podcast episode, ever.
  2. Cal Fussman on Tim Ferriss. This guy is just wonderful in every way. This episode is chock full of both stories and advice
  3. Steven Pressfield on James Altucher.  Incredible review of storytelling. I think storytelling, public speaking, and coding should be three core curriculum elements.
  4. Yuval Harari on EconTalk. I am part of the Sapiens fan club, and love Russ Robert’s respectful but skeptical interview style.
  5. The American Peril on Hardcore History. I love all of Carlin’s work, but this one was really great. I knew almost nothing about the Spanish-American War.
  6. Aswath Damodaran on Masters in Business. Barry guest list is A-list. This was my favorite episode of the year on his wonderful podcast.
  7. Every Michael Rappaport episode on Bill Simmons. Linking the most recent, but listen to every single one. This guy is over-the-top hilarious.
  8. Porter Stansberry on Meb Faber. I am just a sucker for stories behind businesses. Don’t care for forecasts, and this is not an endorsement of Stansberry newsletters at all (I’m agnostic, having never seen one), just was fascinated by the history and how the business works.
  9. Alain de Botton on Tim Ferris. Alain de Botton is great because he is a classic “invite you into the search” type of guy. You won’t agree with him most of the time, but he will get you thinking.
  10. Jon Favreau on Recode/Decode. Kara Swisher might be my favorite podcast host. You can sense the respect she garners.
  11. Bradley Tusk on Recode/Decode. This guy is a venture-style political consultant. What a neat job.
  12. Chris Dixon on the Knowledge Project. Shane has had a very diverse group of guests on his show, and this was my favorite.
  13. Peter Thiel on Conversations with Tyler. Cowen is a wonderfully quirky interviewer. Thiel is always interesting.