Frontier Job Position

I am looking for someone (you, or someone you know) with the following traits and desires. This person will build Frontier.

  • Learning fanatic
  • Technically savvy (manage digital stuff, automated processes, testing, etc.). You can outsource some of it but must be able to manage overall process
  • Wants to build a business
  • An experimenter’s, tinkerer’s mindset. Don’t want to just repeat what has made others successful
  • Risk-seeking: the compensation for this is still unclear, but will likely be some sort of generous profit participation
  • Interested in investing & in people (and health, books, travel, history, philosophy…the more the better)
  • Wants responsibility, not management (I am going to provide lots of resources and feedback, but leave the work to you). My view is that customer satisfaction is the feedback mechanism that matters and will be our guide

Things that don’t matter nearly as much:

  • Age
  • Background
  • Pedigree

The application process is as follows: just write me an email at with the header “Frontier Position.” Tell me about yourself, your interests, and what you want to do.

I recommend you read Modern Monopolies by Alex Moazed: it is a good introduction to the variables that I think matter in building a powerful network, which I aim to do with you.

If this seems very vague, it is meant to be. This will start as an experiment and may go any number of directions, so flexibility and adaptability are very important. All I know is that the community and network that I want to capture is fragmented and eager to coalesce and do things together. If we can build that network, formalize and facilitate connections within it, and feed it useful information and ideas, we will succeed. If you want to help me, get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.