Frontiers start as small, scrappy camps. I invite you to join one by signing up at the bottom of this page. I am also looking for help building it, which you can read about here.

I am calling whatever this becomes “Frontier” as a reminder to myself and to you to stay engaged with boundaries in our business, investing, and everyday lives. I don’t know exactly what Frontier will look like yet (which is kind of the point!), but I ask for your city in the form below because when I am traveling I’d like to meet members in person.

Two things I do know:

First, Frontier will increase the value of our network–which is already powerful, but fragmented and disorganized. I get messages from all over the country and the world. Many of these kind messages have turned into valuable relationships. Frontier will facilitate connections between people who like to explore and change their minds.

Second, these connections–and the network that results–will be turned into a discovery engine.

Frontier will involve money. Free is great but it contains too little information. By signing up below, you’ll be the first to hear when it launches sometime in the coming months. I may even involve you in the design process itself.

I look forward to meeting and learning with you.

There must be the opportunity to grow, change, risk, develop and explore within the framework of the frontier, thereby increasing freedom from past restraints and demanding courageous action…A frontier situation generates a psychological orientation toward the frontier on the part of the people engaged in conquering it, endowing them with the “frontier spirit.”

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