The Investor’s Podcast

The problem with the financial television shows is that it is very hard to have a good investing discussion in 5 minutes. These shows still have the reach, of course, but the short nature of the segments means you have to focus more on sound bites than truly helpful advice/information. I think of going on TV as a piece of bait that hopefully gets a few people interested in what one is doing. TIP063-patrick-oshaughnessy

Podcasts, in sharp contrast, let you wander down the more interesting side streets. This interview with the guys at The Investor’s Podcast is the most detailed podcast I have done, and certainly one of the most fun. Thank you to Preston, Stig and Toby for having me. Their caricature game is on point. Check it out for in depth discussions of value vs. growth, buybacks, the dangers of back-testing, and the importance of discipline.

Podcasts now rival books. Here are a few of my other favorites, discovered this year:

  • Exponent – Run by Ben Thompson who writes at Stratechery, another great resource.
  • Masters in Business – Everyone may already be familiar with Barry’s show, but its worth highlighting. His guest list is peerless.
  • Hardcore History – Check out the episode called “The American Peril.”
  • The Time Ferris Show – Another heavy hitter who gets great guests and is very good at getting them to talk about interesting aspects of their lives.