Gavin Baker – Tech and Consumer Growth Investing – [Invest Like the Best, EP. 149]

My guest this week is Gavin Baker, the founder and manager of Atreides Management. I met Gavin in the same way I meet many of the most interesting people, on twitter. His focus is on consumer and technology growth investing, which is the topic of our conversation. We discuss many of the largest trends in these sectors, several fascinating investment cases, and also explore the videogame industry in detail—which I found especially interesting. Please enjoy my conversation with Gavin Baker.

Notes1:16–(first question)–His unique view on the markets

4:00–Distilling Apple as a growth investment

6:44–What is the most important lever for Apple looking forward

9:01–His viewon Intel

11:03–Most important technological changes that may dictate his investing strategy

16:20–How do you look at a big idea, like AR, and then apply to an individual business

18:21–Fortnite isn’t a game, it’s a place

18:26–Fortnite Is the Future, but Probably Not for the Reasons You Think

18:56–His insight into video games and their ability to control attention

28:36–How do you invest in the gaming sector

40:06–Favorite video games

32:07–Why gaming and customer sector allow him to find Alpha richness

34:17–Being in the top 1% of knowledge before investing in a company

36:24–His view on value investing todayand, in the future,

41:15–Increase of regulatory capture

42:01–Headwinds to the tech companies today

43:50–Thoughts on the Chinese internet market and how it impacts US markets

45:36–How often companies look at China for ideas

46:21–Role of alternative data in his process

49:36–Big trends today we should be paying attention to

54:20–most interesting company he does not own

58:48–Advice for new investors

1:00:17–Non-obvious tech resources-TechMeme

1:00:50–Favorite sci-fi character

1:01:19–Kindest thing anyone has done for him