Geoffrey Batt – The Nature of Transformational Returns – [Invest Like the Best, EP.127]

Show Notes

0:00 – (First Question) – What does it take to earn transformational returns

3:28 – How he deals with LPs, especially given the volatility of the market he invests in

9:11 – Why LPs have to think about the other investors in a fund

10:02 – How Geoffrey got interested in the Iraqi market

15:00 – Factors he was considering when exploring Iraq

            15:38 – Harvey Sawikin Podcast Episode

18:05 – Visiting companies in Iraq

21:15 – Most memorable meeting with a company on his first trip

26:03 – Size and nature of Iraqi market when he first got interested

29:29 – A specific allocator in Iraq

33:22 – Does price reflect the work over there

36:36 – What does he perceive as his role in the changes to Iraq’s equity market

38:57 – How do Iraqi equities look today compared to when he started and is the opportunity still interesting

42:59 – How businesses perceive him now that the market has opened up more

46:13 – Scale of potential return and where it comes from

48:36 – Advice for younger aspiring investors exploring frontier markets

52:01 – Kindest thing anyone has done for Geoffrey