Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal of Acquired – Lessons on Early Stage Investing and Getting Acquired – [Invest Like the Best, EP.196]

My guests today are Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal. Ben and David are investors but also the duo behind the Acquired podcast, which is one of my favorite podcasts that dives deep into business history and famous acquisitions. I recommend you check it out.

In this conversation, we review of some of the greatest corporate acquisitions of all time and also discuss investing lessons Ben and David have learned across their careers. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Ben and David.

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Show Notes

(2:29) – (First question) – What they look for in new founders based on more experienced managers they’ve worked with

(5:07) – Difference between emerging vs legacy market

(9:17) – Research steps to determine if a market can get big enough to invest in

(12:08) – Working with other firms for doing an initial investment round

(15:42) – Recent trends in the supply of capital and number of founders in the VC space

(18:56) – Lessons they have learned studying corporate transactions

(24:13) – How do startups transform once they are acquired to increase their multiples so much

(28:10) – What they learned from deliberations that take place within the acquiring company

(30:39) – Most interesting deal for them to unpack

(32:44) – What are features of a business that is difficult for others to replicate

(35:52) – Any company that are intimidated to go up against

(37:37) – Who would they follow

            (38:52) – Blake Robbins Podcast Episode

(39:09) – Missing pieces in their skill set

(41:43) – Early green shoots

(44:40) – Lessons from Alaska Airlines acquisition and the value of scarcity

(47:07) – Kindest thing anyone has done for them

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