Just Manageable Challenges, with Brad Stulberg – [Invest Like the Best, EP.49]

This week’s conversation is about performance. More specifically, it is about the ins and outs of steady progress and growth. My guest is Brad Stulberg who coauthored the book Peak Performance, which combines research from many fields into a description of how athletes, creatives, and others continue to push boundaries in their respective crafts.

As someone who is intermittently lazy, the growth equation framework that Brad and I explore has impacted me often since I first read the book several months ago. I hope you enjoy this conversation, which isn’t about investing, but which is, at its heart, still about the power of compounding.


Books Referenced

Outliers: The Story of Success

Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise

Online References

Jool Health

Show Notes

1:32 – (First question) – How Vick Stretcher influenced the book, Peak Performance


4:32 – Looking at some of the preliminary research at the science of purpose


7:58 – The idea of a growth equation and the components that can lead to success


11:47 – How the introduction of stress can help in all sorts of creative and entrepreneurial pursuits.


13:39 – The ratio between physical and mental as an impact on this formula


14:56 – Just manageable challenges and the role that they play in the growth equation


18:06 – The idea of just manageable challenges through the example of an athlete


22:19 – Favorite example of a crazy feat of physical performance, stress on older athletes operating at high levels


23:30 – Thoughts about outside influences like mentors/coaches and how they help high performance individuals advance


25:51 – Describe catabolic and anabolic states and why anabolic is so important


29:13 – How the relationship of catabolic and anabolic states also helps the mind


30:47 – How does the idea of practice play into the growth equation


32:49 – Exploring the nuances of practice and why you don’t go all out

32:56 – Outliers: The Story of Success

33:00 – Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise


34:24 – The idea of designing of a day


42:06 – What role can environment play on us


43:40 – How far is it healthy to run


46:25 – How does ego play into all of this


48:06 – The idea of camaraderie and study of Air Force Cadets highlighting this


49:28 – Fatigue and why it is believed to happen in the mind and not the body


54:00 – Most memorable day


55:43 – Method for finding purpose

56:29 – Jool Health


58:26 – Kindest thing anyone has ever done for Brad


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