Niko Canner – Become a Perfect Instrument – [Invest Like the Best, EP.157]

Niko Canner is the founder of Incandescent where he and his team help the leaders of large companies in the areas of strategy and innovation. He was also the founder of Katzenbach Partners, and a member of Bridgewater’s management committee. Niko is a fantastic writer, and I highly recommend you check out his blog “On Human Enterprise,” which has posts on many of the most interesting aspects of business and personal purpose. This conversation was inspired by many of those posts. Please enjoy.

Show Notes

1:17 – (First Question) – The story of Doctor V

            3:24 – Aravind and the Choice of Great Achievement

4:00 – Becoming the perfect instrument

6:05 – What is Niko planning to be the perfect instrument of

8:18 – How should individuals think about finding what they can be the perfect instrument of

            8:59 – Brett Victor – Inventing on Principle

10:59 – How do businesses apply this principle

13:20 – Making choices easier

16:43 – Era’s to a company and when it’s time to start a new one

19:52 – How can business culture be cultivated and useful

22:53 – Cultures at the tail end of a distribution

24:33 – Can hierarchy be fluid, or does it need to be a dedicated corporate structure

27:47 – My Unlikeliest Favorite Business Book

            28:03 – The Millionaire Real Estate Agent: It’s Not About the Money…It’s About Being the Best You Can Be!

30:46 – The Red Test and how it can be used by businesses

36:54 – Ten Principles for How to Run a Company

42:25 – Dealing with the sponsor owner brief in the software world

45:24 – How does one choose customers

46:32 – Bill Hubbard passage – A Theory for Practice: Architecture in Three Discourses

49:09 – Kindest thing anyone has done for Niko