Hash Power – Ep.2 – Cryptocurrency Investing

In episode two of Hash Power, we spend time with the leading investors in the field. Like any frenzied asset class, there are countless cryptocurrency hedge funds popping up everywhere. But founders from three of the original firms—Polychain, Metastable, and BlockTower Capital—are our primary guides this week. Episode one, on understanding blockchain technology, is available here.


A big part of my goal with this episode is to introduce you to the players who are shaping the investment ecosystem, and how the investing ecosystem—with exchanges, trading, and weird custody problems—works in action. Collectively our guests run hundreds of millions of dollars, likely now approaching a billion dollars, in pure play cryptocurrency investment strategies. While we do explore some examples of how to think about individual tokens, these are not investment recommendations. Rather, this is an introduction to the various stages of cryptocurrency invest—from early white papers to full fledged liquid tokens—and the strategies and skillsets being deployed by the pure play investors.

This experiment has led to many relationships within the field, which is growing fast. If you are a full-stack generalist engineer looking to work for well-funded companies developing decentralized apps, email me at hashpowerdocumentary@gmail.com.  Please write [Developer] in the subject line, and include a link to your Github account, please also include a short summary of your skills.  You do not need previous experience with blockchains, but a couple of pluses are: Experience with React, Redux, Swift and Objective-C,  Commits to a top open source project, or an open source project on GitHub with 25+ stars.  Remote work is fine.