I’m on a mission, and I’m hiring someone to help.

My mission is to capture and openly share the worlds best information on building and investing in successful businesses. Think of this as building an open, free, and ever-evolving university for the benefit of all would be investors and entrepreneurs. I’ve been using Invest Like the Best and my method to accomplish this mission for years, but do so with just a few hours a week and no additional effort to make it spread. So I’m at the point that I need help.

This starts with growing and expanding the Invest Like the Best podcast. This person will be responsible for most aspects of the podcast other than the interviews themselves and the production of the interviews (sound editing and production, artwork, and website maintenance is already covered).

This position includes:

  • Assisting in and managing the process of finding great guests (I’ll still do the outreach and most of the identification)
  • Building a map of important topics and concepts to be addressed by the best guests
  • Deep guest research to provide context for each conversation (I never prepare questions as doing so ruins conversations, but the more context I have the better the conversation tends to be).
  • Expansion of formats. This person will create a process where each podcast is turned into other media formats to suit every kind of user. They will convert each to video in some way, and to written formats
  • Distribution planning. Right now, I post a podcast, tweet about it, and that’s it. The podcast has grown to be one of the largest business and investing podcasts solely through word of mouth. This is sub-optimal. This person will help execute plans to better distribute the podcast so it reaches more interested audience members.
  • Content editing (reviewing each episode and proposing cuts).


  • Must be deeply interested in business and investing. My questions for candidates will mostly be gauging this specific type of curiosity. If I sense its not there, I’m going to end the call immediately to save us both time.
  • Strong writing skills
  • Must be familiar with Invest Like the Best since its the perfect litmus test for whether or not we will be aligned.

Things Not Required:

  • any specific location. You can work from anywhere
  • any specific background. I don’t care where you live, what you studied, what you’ve done to this point professionally (or even if you’ve had a professional career!). You can be 18, or retired.


My priority is to find the right person, and then shape the compensation around their situation, interests, and involvement. There will be sliding scales of time, cash compensation, and upside participation in earnings from the podcast and related projects.

Why I think this is a good job

I promise that whoever this is will be sucked into a world of amazing people and ideas very quickly. If you have ambitions in media, investing, or business, this could be a great stepping stone, a chance to sprint up a learning curve, or, if the candidate is right, the chance to build a media business and participate in the upside of that business.

I also think its a good job because it will come with a lot of responsibility. I can’t spend that much additional time on this each week, and when I do it’ll mostly be odd hours of the evening and weekends. As such, I’ll delegate everything I possibly can. My goal is to become highly reliant on this person and to have them learn as much as I do.

How to Apply:

Pick any episode of the podcast, and write a short (<500 word) email about the episode–what you liked, learned, favorite quote, questions you wish I’d asked, anything. Please also include your background (resume is good, but written summary of your story is better). Email both to patrick.w.oshaughnessy@gmail.com with the Subject “ILtB Job.”

I’ll respond promptly one way or the other.