Invest Like the Best – Full Stack Engineering Lead

Our mission is to capture and openly share the world’s best information on building and investing in successful businesses. Think of this as building an ever-evolving university for the benefit of all would-be investors, operators, and entrepreneurs. I’ve been using Invest Like the Best to accomplish this mission for years, but do so with just a few hours a week.  

I am now recruiting the founding team for a new venture and looking for someone who can own all things engineering. You will be one of the first few people in what I believe will be a huge business that changes how people learn about business and investing. You will also be sucked into my world of amazing people and ideas and will have the opportunity to make a huge impact.

The role:

  • Owning the technical build of Invest like the Best product suite – the front end website, back-end database design, and everything between. You will have the ownership to pick the coding stack you build on. This is your core problem to help us solve.
  • Building the most searchable and accessible database of the world’s best investing and business information.
  • Working with the founding team to grow the business into the best place in the world to learn about business and investing.

The requirements:

  • You work hard. You work fast. You love to ship product.
  • You must be deeply interested in business and investing. If we sense that this isn’t there, the conversation won’t last long.
  • Must be familiar with Invest Like the Best since its the perfect litmus test for whether or not we will be aligned.
  • That’s it. You can have any background, age, location, or previous experience you want. For this position knowing how to code is probably helpful.


The priority is to find the right person and then shape the compensation around their situation, interests, and involvement. There will be sliding scales of time, cash compensation, and upside participation in earnings from the podcast and related projects.

How to Apply:

  • In 500 words or less, explain how you would architect a system that helped categorize and annotate the world’s best business and investing information. Include in this how you’d bring our transcripts to a rich format for our listeners to view (ie not a PDF – examples of how you’d do it are great). 
  • Send 2 examples of products or websites that you built or help build in the past 24 months.

When ready to share – e-mail it to and with the subject – Engineering Lead Hiring. Applications close at midnight ET on Sunday August 16th.