Adventures in Sports, Business, and Investing, w/ Dhani Jones – [Invest Like the Best, EP.63]

My guest this week is unique. As you will hear early and often, he is programmed to go his own way, to, as he says, go one way when everyone else is going another. His name is Dhani Jones, a name I knew as a Notre Dame football fan, because he won a championship with our arch-rivals, the University of Michigan, in the late 90’s. Dhani went on to a long and successful career in the NFL, but even more interesting has been his many pursuits in business and investing outside of football. Like my conversation with Tim Urban, I’ll remember this conversation as a reminder to use a first principles mindset. Dhani seems to have this fresh mindset baked into his character, and as you’ll hear this has led to many a great adventure. Please enjoy my conversation with althete, businessman, investor, philanthropist, movie buff, and bowtie wearer, Dhani Jones


Show Notes

1:30 – (First Question) –  A introduction into Dhani Jones and everything he’s done


5:35 – How did Dhani change throughout his football career


9:55 – The power of your mind in every aspect of life


10:34 – Most memorable experience in the NFL


13:10 – Making the transition from the NFL to the business world


18:20 – Looking at Bowtie Cause


22:40 – The role of creative agencies in Dhani’s ventures and why story telling is so important for him


26:48 – Looking at some of the TV stuff that Dhani has done, particularly around travel


28:21 – Dhani’s favorite movie


30:35 – Back to the joy of travel and “Dhani Tackles the Globe.”


36:54 – How does Dhani think about risk


38:56 – Some of the other sports and activities Dhani did while filming his show


41:45 – The psychological benefit of travel in your personal and business life


44:41 – Looking into the business part of Dhani’s career


51:19 – How to expand diversity in the financial world


54:56 – Kindest thing anyone has done for Dhani