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Welcome to Invest Like the Best. Our mission is to capture and openly share the world’s best business and investing knowledge. I speak with investors, founders, and CEOs willing to share some of what they’ve learned with you. You will find links to each episode and the corresponding show notes at the bottom of this page.

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Episode List & Show Notes

All episodes are listed below, newest first. Each episode link has show notes, including time-stamps for major topics discussed and links to books & other resources mentioned in the episode.

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Ep.202 Daniel Gross – Finding Undiscovered Talent

Ep.201 RRE Ventures – Raju Rishi, Nikita Singareddy, Jason Black

Ep.200 Niki Scevak – Wild Hearts and Wild Ideas

Ep.199 Jason Karp and Rohan Oza – The Power of Brand

Ep.198 Anu Hariharan – Lessons in Growth Investing

Ep.197 Brad Gerstner and Rich Barton – Thriving in Changing Markets

Ep.196 Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal of Acquired – Lessons on Early Stage Investing and Getting Acquired

Ep.195 Jacqueline Novogratz – Investing in Dignity and Character

Ep.194 Jesse Livermore – Upside Down Markets – Understanding Fiscal and Monetary Policy

Ep. 193 Modest Proposal – Better, Cheaper, Faster: Why Companies that Reduce Friction Win

Ep. 192 Lauren Taylor Wolfe –  The Modern Activist Toolkit

Ep.191 Rory Sutherland – Moonshots and Marketing

Ep.190 Michael Seibel – Lessons from Thousands of Startups

Ep.189 -Michael Mauboussin – Great Migration Public to Private Equity

Ep.188 – Chetan Puttagunta and Jeremiah Lowin – Open Source Crash Course

Ep.187 – Katrina Lake – The Next Wave of E-Commerce

Ep.186 – Brian Armstrong – The Future of Crypto (transcript here)

Ep.185 – Matt Ball – The Future of Media: Movies, the Metaverse, and More (transcript here)

Ep.184 – Kat Cole – How to Operate: Lessons in Brand, Distribution, and Leadership (transcript here)

Ep.183 – Eric Vishria – The Past, Present, and Future of SAAS Software (transcript here)

Ep.182 – Turner Novak – The Past, Present, and Future of Consumer Social Companies (transcript here)

Ep.181 – Charlie Songhurst – Lessons from Investing in 483 Companies (transcript here)

Ep.180 – Blake Robbins – Investing in Gaming

Ep.179 – Brad Gerstner – Public and Private Investing

Ep.178 – John Collison – Growing the Internet Economy

Ep.177 – Jeremy Grantham – An Uncertain Crisis

Ep.176 – Ben Thompson – Platforms, Ecosystems, and Aggregators

Ep.175 – Shishir Mehrotra – The Art and Science of the Bundle

Ep.174 – Hamilton Helmer – Power + Business

Ep.173 -Tobi Lutke – Building a Modern Business

Ep.172 – Ali Hamed – An Update on Private Credit

Ep.171 – Chris Bloomstran – Update on Public Markets

Ep.170 – Josh Kopelman – The Past, Present, And Future Of Seed Investing

Ep.169 – Manny Stotz – Frontier Markets Investing

Ep.168 – Sarah Tavel – Consumer & Marketplace Investing

Ep.167 – Gavin Baker – Investing Through a Bear Market

Ep.166 – D.A. Wallach – Investing in Healthcare

Ep.164 – Brent Beshore – Update on Small Business and Private Equity

Ep.163 – Dan Rasmussen – Investing Through a Crisis

Ep.162 – Bill Gurley and Chetan Puttagunta – An Update on Consumer & Enterprise Venture Capital

Ep.161 – Bryan Krug – An Update on Corporate Credit

Ep.160 – Deep Basin Capital – Oil Price Wars

Ep.159 – Peter Zeihan – Dis-United Nations

Ep.158 – Jeff Lawson – How to Build a Platform

Ep.157 – Niko Canner – Become a Perfect Instrument

Ep.156 – Chetan Puttagunta – Go Slow to Go Fast

Ep.155 – Rebecca Kaden – Thesis Driven Investing

Ep.154 – Matt Clifford – Investing Pre-Company

Ep.153 – Peter Buffett – Finding Your Note

Ep.151 – Ben Savage

Ep.150 – Jeff Ma

Ep.149 – Vaughn Tan

Ep.148 – Gavin Baker

Ep.147 – Kevin Systrom Mike Krieger

Ep.146 – Daniel Ek

Ep.145 – Chad Cascarilla

Ep.144 – Bill Gurley

Ep.143 – Joe McLean

Ep.142 – Zack Kanter

Ep.141 – Chris Bloomstran

Ep.140 – Brian Christian

Ep.139 – Eric Sorensen

Ep.138 – Jane McGonigal

Ep.137 – Bill Gurley

Ep.136 – Jesse Livermore

Ep.135 – Chuck Akre


Ep.134 – Jerry Neumann

Ep.133 – David Epstein

Ep.132 – Priya Parker

Ep.131 – Stephanie Cohen

Ep.130 – Josh Wolfe

Ep.129 – Katherine Collins

Ep.128 – Geoffrey Batt

Ep.127 – Brian Singerman

Ep.126 – Michael Mauboussin

Ep.125 – Annie Duke

Ep.124 – Michael Mayer

Ep.123 – Peter Zeihan

Ep.122 – Michael Kitces

Ep.121 – Alex Danco

Ep.120 – Keith Wasserman

Ep.119 – Alex Mittal

Ep.118 – Eugene Wei

Ep.117 – Michael Duda

Ep.115 – Keith Rabois

Ep.114 – Bryan Krug

Ep.113 – Maureen Chiquet

Ep.112 – Hunter Walk 

Ep.111 – Cliff Asness

Ep.110 – Ryan Caldbeck

Ep.109 – Howard Lindzon

Ep.108 – Team CoVenture Credit

Ep.107 – Saifedean Ammous – the Bitcoin Standard

Ep.106 – Danny Moses – Pot Stocks, Tesla, and the “Wild Bill” Rule for Quant

Ep.105 – Jeremiah Lowin – Machine Learning in Investing 

Ep.104 – Trail Magic – Lessons from Two Years on the Podcast

Ep.103 – Kathryn Minshew – How Employers and Employees Should Build Careers

Ep.102 – Richard Craib – Crowdsourcing Predictive Algorithms

Ep.101 – Elad Gil – How to Identify Interesting Markets

Ep.100 – Brent Beshore – 100th Episode Special

Ep.99 – Boyd Varty – Live Like a Tracker

Ep.98 – Ryan Selkis – The Crypto Barbell

Ep.97 – Cathie Wood – Investing in Innovation

Ep.96 – Bethany McLean – Busines Gone Bad

Ep.95 – Modest Proposal – Value is Dead, Long Live Value

Ep.94 – Niel Roberston – The Future of Media

Ep.93 – Eric Balchunas – The Past, Present, and Future of ETFs

Ep.92 – Kyle Samani and Tushar Jain – New Angles on Crypto

Ep.91 – Michael Recce – Tim Cook’s Dashboard

Ep.90 – Ash Fontana – Investing in AI

Ep.89 – Mike Zapata – The Darkest Night

Ep.88 – Sam Hinkie – Data, Decisions, and Basketball

Ep.87 – Tren Griffin – Pulling the Thread

Ep.86 – Jason Karp – Opportunities in Public and Private Markets

Ep.85 – Chris Douvos – A Value Investor Lost in the Valley

Ep.84 – Arianna Simpson – The Crypto Landscape

Ep.83 – Shark Tank, with Thatcher Bell and Taylor Greene

Ep.82 – Nikhil Kalghatgi – Moonshot Investing

Ep.81 – Peter Attia, ILtB Live Ep.01

Ep.80 – Albert Wenger – World After Capital

Ep.79 – Savneet Singh – The Berkshire of Software

Ep.78 – Dan Rasmussen – Private Equity Returns in Public Markets

Ep.77 – Pat Dorsey – The Moat Portfolio

Ep.76 – Josh Wolfe – This Is Who You Are Up Against

Ep.75 – Harvey Sawikin – Emerging Market Opportunities

Ep.74 – Anthony Pompliano

Ep.73 – Dr. Ben Hunt – The Three-Body Portfolio

Ep.72 – Preston Byrne 

Ep.71 – Ali Hamed – Creative Investing 

Ep.70 – Sheel Tyle – The Future of Venture Capital

Ep.69 – Chris Dixon – The Future of Tech

Ep.68 – Sorin Capital – Retail Contrarians

Ep.67 – Franklin Foer – World Without Mind

Ep.66 – Adam Ludwin – A Sober View on Crypto

Ep.65 – Joanne Wilson – Angel Investing and Trend Spotting

Ep.64 – Connor Leonard – Capital Light Compounders and Reinvestment Moats

Ep.63 – Dhani Jones – Adventures in Sports, Business, and Investing

Ep.62 – Chris Burniske – Cryptoasset Valuation

Ep.61 – Brad Katsuyama – What Happens When You Hit “Buy

Ep.60 – Brett Maloley – Ladder: The Fitness Marketplace

Ep.59 – Tim Urban (Wait But Why) – Grand Theft Life

Eps.56-58 – Hash Power – A Deep Dive into Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains

Ep.55 – Dave Tisch – Venture Capital in New York

Ep.54 – David Gardner – Rule Breakers

Ep.53 – Meb Faber

Ep.52 -Team Ritholtz – The Wu Tang Clan of Finance

Ep.51 – Pat Dorsey – Buying Companies With Economic Moats

Ep.50 – Jason Zweig and Morgan Housel – Business vs. Investing

Ep.49 – Brad Stulberg – Just Manageable Challenges

Ep.48 – Leigh Drogen – Sink or Swim–How to Combine Quant and Traditional Asset Management Techniques 

Ep.47 – Compound Your Face Off, with Wes Gray 

Ep.46 – Esoteric Assets with Rishi Ganti 

Ep.45 – Jerry Neumann – The Deployment Age, Power Laws, and Venture Capital

Ep.44 – Ten Lessons From Almost One Year of Podcasting

Ep.43 – Scott Norton – Seek to Learn that which Cannot Be Taught

Ep.42 – Andy Rachleff – Building Something People Want to Buy

Ep.41 – Leigh Drogan – Quant vs Traditional Investors and How Alpha Becomes Beta

Ep.40 – Ira Judelson – Bail Street

Ep.39 – David Chilton – the Human Blitzkrieg

Ep.38 – David Salem – the Art of Asset Allocation

Ep.37 – Michael Mauboussin – Man + Machine, Moats, and the Power of the Outside View

Ep.36 – Will Thorndike – How Skilled Capital Allocators Compound Capital

Ep.35 – Ted Seides – The Bet with Buffett

Ep.34 – Danny Moses – The Big Short and Beyond

Ep.33- Royce Yudkoff and Rick Ruback – REALLY Private Equity 

Ep.32 – Boyd Varty – The Art of Tracking

Ep.31 – Khe Hy – Quant Hedge Funds and the Fear of Death 

Ep.30 – Ted Seides and Brent Beshore — The Future of Asset Management

Ep.29 Jim O’Shaughnessy — Premeditated Success

Ep.28 Chenmark Capital– Permanent Equity

Ep.27 Peter Attia, M.D. — How to Live a Longer, Higher Quality Life

Ep.26 Ariel’s John Rogers — Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Ep.25 Alex Moazed — Building Modern Monopolies

Ep.24 Ian Cassel — Investing In Tiny Stocks

Ep.23 Joe Mansueto — Lessons From Morningstar’s Founder

Ep.22  Brent Beshore Returns — Private Equity, Venture Capital, and the Future of Money Management

Ep.21 Brian Koppelman — Chasing Curiosity

Ep.20 Jeremiah Lowin — Machine Intelligence and Risk Management

Ep.19  Lauren Loktev, Kanyi Maqubela, & Craig Shapiro — Watching a Venture Fund at Work

Ep.18 Dan Egan — Designing Better Decisions

Ep.17 Shane Parrish — Mastering Mental Models

Ep.16 Jeff Ptak — The Prospects for Active Management

Ep.15 Eric Maddox — The Ace of Spades

Ep.14 Josh Brown — The Reformation

Ep.13 Chris Cole — Small Bets, Huge Payoffs

Ep.12 Kevin Simler — Exploring the Frontier

Ep.11 Craig Shapiro — Better for You, Better for the World

Ep.10 Brent Beshore — Cultivating a Compound Interest Machine

Ep.9 Jon Stein — Automated Investing

Ep.8 Kiley Adams — An Internal Locus of Control

Ep.7 Ted Seides — A Deep Dive into Hedge Funds

Ep.6 Gerry O’Reilly and Jim Rowley — Humble Giants of Vanguard

Ep.5 Christian Rudder — The Quantified Self

Ep.4 Morgan Housel — Thinking and Walking

Ep.3 Jason Zweig — The Power of Serendipity

Ep.2 Michael Mauboussin — Active Management

Ep.1 Jeff Gramm – Activist Investing