Dis-United Nations with Peter Zeihan

My guest this week is Peter Zeihan, the author of a new book, the Disunited Nations.  Peter was an extremely popular guest on the show last year and after reading his new book, I knew we had a lot to discuss in round 2.  In this conversation, we discuss two ways of ruling the world, the coming American disinterest in global affairs, and which country are poised to do well int eh future.  We explore military and non-military technologies, political changes, and up and coming alliances like that between the United States and Mexico.  As with last time, peter packs more information into an hour than just about anybody.  Please enjoy our conversation.

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Show Notes

1:57 – (First question) – What makes for a successful country

6:02 – Five first-tier countries that are well positioned

7:14 – Ruling the world, US carrot model vs British stick model

9:39 – How other countries will use these models in the future

12:59 – The surprising reliance of Iran and Russia on the US

15:24– Key points of his research on the Middle East

18:36 – Advice for how those operating in the US should think about future business investments

23:05 – The future of manufacturing partnerships with the US and the focus on Mexico

27:30 – What Coronavirus has taught us about the world economy

30:01 – What the primaries and election are teaching us

35:09 – What role does Africa play in the future

38:36 – Strong and weak players in Europe and how Brexit has impacted things

44:41 – The future for nuclear power

46:27 – The outlook for South America

50:42 – The trends and future in military technology

55:03 – Non-military technology that will have a major impact

58:26 – Skills young people should focus on for the future

1:00:07 – Coronavirus as a dress rehearsal for large scale disruptions to the world